Team Echelon


We’re RC hobbyists from the San Francisco Bay Area who enjoy all things FPV (First Person View). Our focus is based on refining the art and science of team based FPV for a range of applications from fun and entertainment, to productive and helpful to the community in search & rescue/disaster relief.

After years of flying in FPV we’ve gained a lot of experience as RC flight controllers who meet up almost weekly to try out different mission objectives around the United States with an emphasis on teamwork. We’ve got a number of projects planned for 2013 that should prove to be exciting and fun, and this website will serve as the home base for our operations.

Safety is important to us and we conduct our projects in a safe manner at all times. If there are questions of safety we do not proceed. We believe FPV setups when built and controlled correctly can be one of the safest facets of the RC world, and pride ourselves on making safe and reliable rigs and using them in a safe manner. Collectively we have over 11 years of FPV experience, one member is a full scale licensed pilot, and all have personally built the rigs we control.

Thanks for checking us out.... and expect more updates as we go.

Who we are and What We’re DoinG

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