Team Echelon - Videos


Formation Flying

rsowder and CaliDave’s first formation flying with the Skywalkers.

Practicing more formation flying as 2011 ends.

Our first long range, low flying practice run. Both planes are flying 5.8G video links and did not have any issues with freq interference. At two points in the flight radio link was lost when the signal was blocked by my body. Adjusting my position rectified the problem.

Walkin’ Tall is a mix of formation flying we’ve been working on as 2012 begins. Named after the song that plays by Shea Roberts.

Flying together deploying a parachute from the lead Skywalker and following down

Goodbye Railroad is more formation flying in the beautiful Northern California, Bay Area. Named after the song that plays by Nick Gallant.

Team Echelon - Good Times in FPV

X8 Maiden Flight

Parachute test over the Black Rock Playa with the Skywalkers - Nevada

Team Echelon - In My Dreams

Penguin FPV Balloon Release